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Lemon Studios is a bespoke personal training service, committed to results in posture, body composition, physical and mental wellbeing, for a lifetime of positive benefit. Our commitment is to transform and teach every client how to live a healthy lifestyle, through various training protocols and positive eating habits.


Our Story

Get Fit, Have Fun

Lemon was founded nearly 10 years ago by Sam Shaw. Tired of working in commercials gyms, sam set out too start something different.  From its humble beginnings Lemon has always sought to put the client at the centre of everything we do. We have a holistic approach to training and want everyone to be in a better physical and mental shape from training with us.

Our goal is to transform over a million lives!

"Another Lemon Lifer! I've been training at lemon for 6 years now and they certainly know how to keep you motivated. Always the right combination of challenge and fun, with cleverly structured programmes that deliver results in well-being and physical conditioning. You feel it, when you've done a session at Lemon and you feel better for it afterwards."

Trevor Morris

"Team Lemon has made me fall in love with exercise again. The team are so supportive to clients of all fitness levels. It’s a truly personalised experience. Becoming a member of the Lemon family is one of the best decisions I’ve made!"

Natalie Saudan

"I can highly recommend Sam and the team. They take the time to understand your individual goals and work with you in achieving these; helping you make broader lifestyle and nutritional changes. They are personable, supportive, and are entirely client focussed in everything they do."

Alessio Giorgi

Get Inspired

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