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Client Results

At lemon we love to celebrate our clients achieving their goals. Whether you want to run a half marathon, lose some weight or just move without pain we can help. Bellow we celebrate some of clients physical transformations.

Mrs K Jones

I love training at Lemon Studios, the results have been incredible. The best personal trainers I have used to date.


Mr C Doane

I approached lemon Studios to help rehab my knee and get some real results, I managed to reach my best condition using the guidance of Lemon Studios.


Mr S Shaw

Mrs H 

8kg or body fat dropped 

Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 12.00.19.png

19kg of body fat lost in 6 months 

Miss K Harris

'In 15 weeks I have dropped from 76.1 kg to 61 kg which is a fat loss of 33 pounds. I have been eating more than ever, training safely and enjoyed every step of the way! Thanks Lemon Studios.'


Incredible Transformation 116kg start weight  to 99kg 

6 months 

Mr Allen 

This Client achieved an amazing trasfonrmatiom 32 stone down to 16.9 stone


Mr Smith

'In 16 weeks I have Dropped from 112 kg to 85 kg which is a fat loss of  59 Pounds! The fittest and healthiest I have been in years.'

Mr T Windon

'I have been training just over 16 weeks at Lemon Studios and I have dropped from 102 kg to 85 kg which is a fat loss of  38 Pounds! My strength, flexibility, posture & physique has dramatically improved.' 


Mrs P

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 19.13.09.png
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